Compliance Services

  • Contract Disposition Services – Recall Field Corrective Actions - Destruction and Disposal
  • Label replacements
  • Large Production Batch Rework
  • Product Retrofit and Repackaging

Quality Policy

Meeting and exceeding customer quality expectations is the key to our success, and anything less than our best is unacceptable.

We constantly strive to understand the needs of our internal and external customers, and demonstrate our commitment to excellence by delivering the highest quality products and services.

No products will be released for commercial sale or use until they have satsifed applicable standards of quality.  Stencor will monitor the performance of its products and will respond in a timely manner to any product issue.

What do other businesses do when they have mislabeled, defective, mispackaged, or rework parts?

Some companies try to force them AGAINST THE FLOW at their local manufacturing facilities?

Some companies allow these rework issues slow down their manufacturing facilities FORWARD PROGRESS?

How much could they have saved by keeping their production moving forward to MEET OUTPUT GOALS?

Let our experienced staff manage your reverse logistics, and reclamation operations and keep you moving forward.  Do like others have done when they had product that were involved in a Field Corrective Action, or FDA Supervised Rework/Destruction.  We can manage your pdoruct rework from the earliest stages, allowing your manufacturing to keep moving forward.  We provide the following services:

  • Re-packaging
  • Re-labeling
  • Inspection
  • Rework
  • Sorting
  • Destruction
  • Refurbishing

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We are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 certified and a FDA Registered Facility

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